Museum Trip

museum trip

We took a trip to the air and space museum in DC last week with Madison’s school. It was the first time hubby and I both attended a trip and she was so excited. Well actually after being on the bus for about 10 minutes she looked up and said “oh hi mommy I forgot you were here” our little girl is such a little character. I’d like to think she was was happy I was there. She really looks like a big girl in these photos and so tall. She had another growth spurt which means we recently had to replace most of her wardrobe.

We gearing up for some cold weather this weekend and looking forward to spending Valentine’s day with my hubby! Have a great weekend!

museum trip 1museum trip 6museum trip 7

museum trip 4museum trip 5

She is such a daddy’s girl and he still thinks he can carry her around!

Madison is wearing:

Zara Coat | H&M Top, short sleeve here | Hudson Jeans | Nordstrom Rack Boots


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