Finding Balance

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I am constantly shifting priorities and organizing things when it comes to work but I always find it difficult to keep my personal life in order. Just when I think I have found balance, I lose it again. You would think that at this point in my life I would have it all together. Not so, my friends. I am a work in progress and if any mother tells you her life is perfect and in order she’s either lying or has a nanny, cleaning lady and personal shopper on her payroll. Unfortunately, I have none of the sort. My husband and I work full-time jobs and work together to keep our house running. Madison has a busy schedule with extra-curricular activities during the week and we take turns taking her to class and it can get overwhelming at times. I have considered giving up the blog as it is very time consuming but then I think about why I started it. It all started with this little girl. She was my motivation for wanting to start a blog and share our everyday lives and of course it has evolved over the years. Now that Crystal came on board it’s certainly that much more fun but she’s just as busy as I am with work and grad school. We have a lot to think about and we’ll do our best to bring you fresh content on a weekly basis but it may be less frequent. We hope that you will bear with us.

Have a great rest of your week and thanks for stopping by!

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5 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. Jenny @ Babblings of a Mommy

    Love this outfit on Maddie! I find balancing motherhood, home life, and blogging a struggle at times and I like you have decided to prioritize instead of trying to do everything at once, and that means my blog has sat on the back burner at times. Once I got over the fact that it was ok to sometimes let things slide I was much happier. Hope you’re able to work everything out.

  2. Amy Arnold

    It is so hard to find balance in it all! I think you do a wonderful job. I often have similar thoughts and struggles but I always go back to enjoying it. Madison is so cute!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. Antoinette

    Madi looks like she’s having fun in these photos! Love the outfit. I have faith that you will bring it all together and get it done. You’ve been doing it all of your life! Lucky for you, you have a partner that can now help you. xo


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